Story of the building

Palazzo Bacci is the main element of the ancient medieval village, S. Margherita. It stands near an old church built in the 10th century in honour of Santa Antiochia of Pisidia, known by the name of Margherita in the West.
The palace used to be the ancient manour of the Bacci family. Bernardino Ugone Campoleone, a member of the Bacci family, was famous in history for leading 100 units infantry in the battle of Campaldino in 1289, and later, in 1312, he fought on the side of Henry VII, Emperor Ghibellino, who was preparing to besiege Florence.
On the outside of this magnificent building, you can see the original emblem of this family and within the building you can find exquisite Renaissance Architecture.
The property has been skillfully restored in recent years so as to bring it back to its original splendour. This restoration work was carried out patiently over time, combining modern housing needs with deep respect for historical memory.